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  1. Remember when we were pissed off about the fact that the decision makers at Twitter didn’t use the platform?
  2. Turned off open DMs here - I’m just getting too much spam.
  3. Wow. Lots of porn less than 20 tweets down on one of the top 5 trending topics.
  4. Who ever would have thought that Elmo would become the most influential driving force in the uptake of federated social media?
  5. If this is what he had to do to goose DAU numbers, I’m not really sure what the follow up could possibly be.
  6. I feel like we’re going to spend years rehabilitating the phrase “code review”
  7. This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a goddamn twitter poll.
  8. We are averaging about one "tears in the rain" hot take every 1-2 minutes.
  9. I know I sometimes post during stressful events to remind you that it's ok to stop doomscrolling and log out for the night, because Twitter will still be here in the morning. It *is* ok to stop doomscrolling and log out for the night. However...
  10. There is so much good content on Twitter. This site had better survive.
  11. linktr.ee is kind of having a moment.
  12. When you’re arguing with a troll in your Twitter @ replies and they didn’t even bother to pay the eight bucks to get a blue checkmark.
  13. Speaking as someone who has led big open source projects: DO NOT WANT. @elonmusk/1593264249731620864
  14. Wait, are there actually people without a dozen unused throwaway twitter accounts? theverge.com/2022/11/17/23464541/twitter-blue-verified-90-day-waiting-period
  15. When you discover one of your followers just woke up from a three week coma.
  16. When we said we wanted Weird Twitter back, this was not what we meant.
  17. Maybe Jack and Ev could be co-CEOs @stocktalkweekly/1592918089771134978
  18. When your spouse asks you to pick up a white ceramic whale menorah at Target and you have to actually ask whether it’s for Hanukkah or Twitter social commentary. But why not both? “There were only enough microservices to last for one night, but they lasted for eight nights.”
  19. Great. Now he's claiming that Twitter is an AGI. @elonmusk/1591842546216763399
  20. I just twigged to the fact that this season’s writers named the dude “Bankman-Fried” Seriously?
  21. are there any Mastodon clients which aggregate, faves and boosts? This is getting ridiculous.
  22. Burning 44B to become the permanent protagonist is one of the most impressive bits of performance art I’ve seen.
  23. Didn’t know they did TV remote house calls
  24. All he had to do was to show up and say “Twitter Blue is now $20/mo but you’ll never see another ad.”
  25. CW: birdsite; vanity metrics. It figures that my most-viral-ever tweet was a shitpost about TLS certificate expiration.
  26. Let's say I had a couple of bootlegs recorded with a Zoom H2n and wanted to improve the perceived audio quality. What are my best options?
  27. Is there tooling for importing my Twitter archive into a Mastodon database, properly backdating all the posts (assuming local PG access)?
  28. I know it's dumb, but it's nice to go low-key viral with a hot take one last time.
  29. Well, this will be a nice little litmus test....assuming we still need a litmus test next month.
  30. Oh crap. I hadn't actually thought about which services I'm using Twitter SSO for.
  31. These tweets have been up for 3 hours.
  32. .Let's see if 4 gigs of memory is enough for a small Mastodon server. 2 gigs was enough to choke and fall over whenever someone uploaded a video.
  33. A question for friends in Germany: When you receive commercial packages from overseas by postal mail, what is the "per shipment" handling fee charged by DHL? I can save a ton of money by splitting shipments into two boxes that each fall under a weight cap, but don't want (1/2)